Privacy Policy

MYKINDNESSSURVEY.COM is a very competitive company that specializes in conducting charity calls, on behalf of Australia’s largest charities, to gauge potential donors’ charitable interests and potential support on their good causes. works closely with some of Australia’s leading charities and leading brands to help them check on trends and to do better planning. is a brand owned by Datagen Facilities, OPC is located at Datagen Facilities, OPC is located at 8265J +5PR, South Horizons Business Park, Cabilang Baybay, Carmona Cavite, Philippines 4116 with Registration Certificate No. : OPC 20200000521. Datagen Facilities, OPC is the sole owner of the information collected from these companies.


Our Privacy Notices, Terms, and Conditions are displayed clearly and visibly in our websites in keeping with our company’s policies on transparency and full disclosure. This Privacy Policy statement explains the data processing practices of If you have any requests concerning your personal information or any queries with regard to these practices, please send us an e-mail at privacy policy at is steadfast in acknowledging and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of Personal Information of its Employees including prospects, clients, business partners, and other distinguishable persons that it may obtain, utilize, access, process, transfer, or store as part of its business. We recognize your concerns about the security of the personal information provided to us as part of our business.

We operate and manage the website, through which we may collect certain personally identifiable information through telemarketing calls. We are committed to ensuring that we comply with our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 as well as the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) whenever we collect personally identifiable information.

By using our services, you accord to our collection and use of the personal information you provide in the manner detailed in our Privacy accepts and adheres to the ACMA rules and legislations and Data Protection legislation that include Do Not Call Register Act of2006 (DNCR) that aims to protect the privacy of individuals. We want you to know about us, how we are gathering the information, how we use it, and how you can update it. reserves the right to append or otherwise modify this Privacy Statement at any time, so please re-visit www. occasionally to check for updates.

HOW WE COLLECT PERSONAL INFORMATION obtained your personal information two ways: (1) directly (for example through a telephone survey, or through their participation in a promotion, survey or alike activities); and (2) indirectly (for example, personal information from our clients to perform services/functions on their behalf, multiple data sources and from third parties), rest assured that we use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

Some questions in our charity calls are specific to our charity partners, and the charities named in the call. By expressing interest and opting-in to their brands or products, you are also agreeing to be contacted by them, by phone, SMS or e-mail. You may need to contact, its charity partners, and the charities named in the call, directly, should you decide to opt-out from further communication from these brands.

We use personal information collected via to:

* Provide you with information about, its different charity partners, and the charities named in the questionnaire;

•Support charities and organizations;

•Pass on to selected charity partners, charities named in the questionnaire, and other selected commercial third parties so they can provide you with other offers and promotions. (who may be located overseas in a wide range of countries including Australia, NZ, US, UK, Ireland, EU, and the Philippines). Contact may be made by phone, mail, email, or SMS.

•Help charities and organizations profile and extend their databases;

•Facilitate communication between yourself and, its charity partners, and the charities named in the charity call; and

•Allow us to send you, via e-mail, SMS, telephone, and post, information about, its charity partners, and the charities named in the charity call for whom we collect statistical information and interest to support for, including, but not limited to:


We may from time to time supply your information to third parties for marketing or relationship management purposes.

The main purposes to which your data are put are to allow third parties to provide you with information about charitable interest. Your data may also be used in the way described below.

Be assured that any such parties will only be allowed to use your data in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 as well as Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) and other applicable laws relating to privacy. By submitting your personal data through marketing calls, whether in those fields marked mandatory or otherwise, you are affirming your consent for such information to be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You will be able to withdraw that consent at any time by the methods described below.

The following statement is always mentioned before you can participate in a charity call:

“We take your privacy seriously. My Charity Survey and the charities within the survey and selected third party charities in this call will contact you regarding your answers. You can opt-out anytime by visiting our website,”

If this is okay, let’s proceed Moreover, this is being reiterated at the end of the call:

That’s it! Just to let you know, is not a charitable institution. We have been given authority by the numerous Australia’s Charities to gauge your charitable interests. By participating in this call, your information will be passed on to charities in this survey and selected third-party charities that you expressed interest in and they will contact you in the future by phone to discuss possible support of their good causes. To check our privacy policy, please visit our website, Thank you. Have a good day. will only use or share your personal information as described within this Privacy Policy Statement and within the opt-in statement of our charity call.

Your data may be used for data validation, enhancement, information verification, suppression, tracing, individual reference or look up services, and to the extent permitted by law by, its charity partners, and the charities named in the charity calls. Hence, it may be used for analytical purposes. Your data may also be used in conjunction with data we may have received from other sources in order to personalize and target communication to you better, and we may share information with other companies for the same reason.

HOW WE HOLD AND STORE PERSONAL INFORMATION will do all reasonable endeavors to keep the data significant and up to date while providing the person a chance to revise that data or have it deleted at any time. Individuals have the right to access and look for correction of their personal information and any requests to do so ought to be made straightforwardly in writing to the address stated above or via e-mail to

We may deny individuals’ requests in some circumstances, as allowed by law. We will tell individuals if we bound to do this. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

For example, we store the personal information you provide on computer systems with limited access, which are in controlled facilities. Your personal information is held and stored on electronic means. We have electronic and procedural safeguards in place for personal information and take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is protected from misuse, interference, loss and unauthorized access, modification, and disclosure. Our staff members receive regular training on privacy procedures.

Personal information collected by may be stored and processed outside Australia. By opting into, you consent to any such transfer of information outside Australia in accordance with the Privacy Act, Australian Privacy Principles, and other Data Protection legislation.

However, despite the painstaking endeavor of ensuring the security of all correspondence, the Internet is not a 100% secure intermediate. Thus, we cannot guarantee the security of any data you send electronically to and we are unable to accept responsibility for any loss damage experienced through any loss of confidentiality of your information.


Should choose to sell or transfer its business assets, it is possible that the information we hold may be transferred as part of the transaction. may choose to retain a copy of the information post sale or transfer.